We are a group of professional drivers based in Rome, Italy. We offer personalized transportation services together with our partners from Milan, Venice, Florence, and Naples. We will guide you through various private tours such as airport transfers, private transfers, city tours, outlet tours, port-of-call sightseeing tours for cruise ships, etc. according to your needs.
An Italian driver who owns a city-approved license NCC (Noleggio con Conducente) will support your trip to Italy safely and comfortably with your own private car.
You can use the service with confidence not only for sightseeing but also for business scenes such as honeymoons, exhibitions, and inspections.

The name “Tevere Transfer” comes from the Tevere River, which runs through the city of Rome. The Tevere River is the third-longest river in Italy and the second largest basin area, flowing from Emilia Romagna via Tuscany and Umbria to the Tyrrhenian Sea on the shores of Lazio. It is an important river for carrying goods from the port of Ostia, which was a distribution base, as well as people coming and going since ancient Roman times, and it is a river that supported the prosperity of the Roman Empire. The famous legend of Romulus, the founder of Rome, who was swept away along with his twin brother Remus, that river was also the Tevere.
The Tevere River has carved history with Rome since ancient times, we hope that we will continue to have a long history with our customers like this river.
We will help you create memories of your wonderful trip to Italy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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