Ostia Antica/Civita di Bagnoregio/Villa d'Este (Tivoli)

Summary:Full Day Tour
A:Rome & Vatican
B:Ostia Antica & Roman Catacombs
C:Tivoli Villa d’Este & Hadrian’s Villa
D:Civita di Bagnoregio & Orvieto

Duration:9 hours approx.
Pickup at 8:00 at the ship / Drop off at 17:00 at the ship
* Can be changed depending on the time available for disembarkation

Meeting place:At the exit of your cruise ship
Your driver will be waiting holding a sign with your name.

  • It is a private tour only for you by private car.
  • The charge is per vehicle (not per person), taxes and all necessary expenses are included, there is no additional charge except in special cases.
  • Our driver has all necessary authorizations to drive to the security area at Civitavecchia port and arrive right by your cruise ship, at the tent. You don’t have to walk or take the shuttle inside the port.
  • All our cars are registered and authorized as “N.C.C.” (Automobile for hire) and can pass through the traffic control areas in the city. We will guide you to the immediate vicinity of the ruins, so you can enjoy sightseeing in a short time and efficiently regardless of the weather.
  • We promise comfortable transportation with business class luxury cars such as Mercedes.
  • Lunch and admission to museums are not included.
  • An English-speaking Italian driver will guide you.
  • If you would like an English tourist guide, we will arrange it without any brokerage fee.
  • Note: When visiting the Vatican, individuals were previously able to pass through St. Peter’s Basilica after visiting the museum, but the rules have been tightened since July 2019, and only when accompanied by an official guide is allowed. Official guides are a great way to save time.
  • A・B:1-3 Passengers
  • € 520
  • C・D:1-3 Passengers
  • € 570
  • Per each additional passenger
  • € 40
  • Price include: Private Mercedes-Benz vehicle, Professional tour driver, All taxes, Fuel, Tolls, Parking fees
    Price exclude: Entrance fees, Meals
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A:Rome & Vatican

It takes about 1 hour from the port to the city of Rome, we will guide you to the popular tourist spots in the city in order.
We will guide you to the sights of the city, such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Castel Sant’Angelo and St. Peter’s Square. (Advance reservations are recommended if you wish to enter the Colosseum or Vatican Museum.)
You can also request shops, bars, gelato shops, etc., and you can freely choose where to stop, including tourist attractions.

B:Ostia Antica & Roman Catacombs

It takes about 1 hour from the port to Ostia. Ostia Antica is an ancient city ruin built in the 4th century BC. Ostia, which prospered as a trading port, gradually declined and was finally buried in the earth and sand due to the flooding of the river, ending the long history of about 800 years. Thanks to the earth and sand, it is well preserved, and ruins of various ages are scattered on a large site with a total length of 1 km and a width of 500 m.
After Ostia, head along the Appian Way to the aqueduct, the Catacombs, and the Catacombs di San Callisto offers guided tours (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish). You can also stop by the Baths of Caracalla, built by the 22nd Emperor of the Roman Empire, Caracalla.

C:Tivoli Villa d’Este & Hadrian’s Villa

It takes about 1.5 hours from the port to Tivoli. Tivoli is a small hill town about 30km northeast of Rome, known for its emperors and aristocrats' favorite villas since ancient Roman times. Three villas, Villa d'Este, Villa Adriana and Villa Gregoriana, are famous, but the former two are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Villa d'Este is a typical fountain garden of the late Renaissance, which is said to be the most beautiful in Italy. Villa Adriana is the site of the villa of Hadrian, the 14th Roman emperor. It was one of the largest villas ever built in the Roman Empire, even greater than the centre of Rome.

D:Civita di Bagnoregio & Orvieto

We will take you to Civita di Bagnoregio in about 1.5 hours from the port, which is famous in Japan as a "town in the sky". The morphology of this region was caused by erosion and landslides. Civita, which is inhabited by only 16 people, is situated in a solitary area and it is reachable only by a reinforced concrete pedestrian bridge built in 1995.
After Civita, about 40 minutes to Orvieto, it is famous for its white wines and is lined with delicious restaurants in a small town. In addition to wine, there are many specialty products such as ham, salami, olive oil, and truffles, and it is also known as a gastronomic town. Please have lunch at Orvieto and find your favorite restaurant.